The Jeremiah Record – Pt. 1


While it has been a while since the last post on here, I wanted to share with everyone the process that is being made in the Jeremiah Record.  At the beginning of last month we started recording some of the tracks in Ford Hall.  We reserved the recital hall on campus for blocks of time late in the evening hoping that we would be able to work beyond our two hour time limit without inconveniencing anyone that might be waiting to use the room.  After three nights of working, we had a good amount of recordings with which we could begin putting together some of the demo tracks.  Everyone involved did a fantastic job, which made the fact that I wasn’t really doing anything stand out a little more conspicuously.  Maybe it was the fancy recital hall or perhaps the excitement of trying something new, but there was definitely something in the air that made everyone involved realize that we were working on something pretty special.  Even if the songs never gain a following beyond our creative team, we know that we were privileged to have taken part in something special in making this record.  Here are some pictures from the night that capture accurately what was happening.

Jason telling us his vision for the song.

Recording in Ford Hall

Recording in Ford Hall

2014-06-04 21.36.09


2014-07-07 11.09.43

This one is not from that night, but it is a pretty accurate depiction of what the current process of mixing looks like.

I intend to keep everyone in the loop with our progress as we continue working toward the finished product of the Jeremiah Record.  Be sure to check back here and on our website for all of the latest news on the Jeremiah Record.