I’m Busy Focusing on the 20%

While I would like to be sharing my thoughts and observations on how authority and credibility is assigned to people after watching the Nye and Ham debate or telling you about how ridiculously much I like playing NCAA Football 2013 and how it has shaped the way I think about God, or even how I have learned more about effective communication through a twenty minute internet video and hours of playing The Sims than I ever did in a classroom, I am very busy practicing obedience to lessons that I have learned in the past.

I once wrote about defining your goals and orienting your schedule to achieve those goals ( http://wp.me/p427BJ-3n ) and right now this is precisely what has slowed my posting frequency.  Right now I am right in the heart of the 20% of my job that I dislike the most.  Appropriately enough, it seems that this is the part of my job that is usually very beneficial to my faith and development as a professional.  In short, in order for me to live as a missionary and be a collegiate minister at IU I have to form partnerships with individuals, families, and churches that want to support my ministry financially.  It would be much easier to just have a fixed salary from my church (if that were possible), but I know that without having to secure my funding this way, I would have missed out on several important lessons on communication, perseverance, and trust.  Not to mention that I would probably be lazier and less confident (I know my vices).

I share all of this to return to my original point, I would love to be doing some research about where Peyton Manning’s career would be if the Colts had never released Jim Sorgi or looking at how my social media history mirrors my spiritual growth, but right now my goal is to be free to share the love and salvation that comes in a relationship with Jesus to college students and the people of Bloomington.  In order to be free to do that I must first focus on achieving my financial goals by partnering with others.  So, why haven’t I published more blog posts?

I don’t have time.

After Thought:  I actually preached a sermon on this topic once.  It was actually one of my favorite sermons.  It is available to listen to here.  http://podcast.fotc.us/fotcsermon/audio/2013/2013-1215.m4a