Sometimes I Feel Like A Train

As much as I am a believer and fan of having free will there are times when feel like a train speeding down a predetermined track.

California Zephyr

California Zephyr

I do not feel trapped by the track but I rather I have a feeling of exhilaration as I see some of the most beautiful sights a person could ever see. All of this beauty I take in as I am progressing toward a goal that is my intended purpose. If I were to desire to take a path that is not the track laid out in front of me the result would be disastrous and certainly deadly. There is comfort and joy in knowing that I need not fear derailment because I have a good conductor.Sometimes I wind up waiting longer than expected at certain stations and this can be very frustrating, but this wait surely prevented a collision further down the line.

2013-08-05 07.05.21

When I arrive at a choice in the track I find that what appears a as a choice I made was the only real option all along, as I said I have a good conductor.  Sometimes I help people get to where they are going and other times I merely haul freight. Whatever the case may be I am being used to help people. When I face mountains that seem impossible to traverse, there always turns out to be a path over, through, and around the mountain. I cannot claim to have conquered the mountain myself for I am only a train, a vehicle en route to a destination.

It’s not everyday I feel like a train, just sometimes, but the feeling persists nonetheless.


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