Honest Advice #1: Wash the Dishes

I do not like washing dishes.  It’s time consuming, it’s dirty, and it only gets done in time for more dishes to pile up.  However, I think that doing the dishes might be one of the most beneficial things that I can do for myself and my household.

I know that when I do the dishes my wife appreciates it.  Whether or not she is aware that I washed them, she knows that the sink she just walked past is empty and that her time can be spent taking care of Jonah, doing something she wants to do, or perhaps most likely doing the next chore on the list.  I can serve my wife in a very simple way and help give her a break at the end of the day.  This is a good reason to do the dishes, but I am not sure that it is the most important reason I do the dishes.

Washing the dishes helps me to be less selfish, even if just for a moment.  I am quite aware of how selfish I really am when chores, such as washing the dishes, need to be be completed in my house.  If I were vocal about all of my inner thoughts and desires it would become quite clear that I prefer to live in a home where all of the chores were taken care of before I get home so that I can spend my evenings doing the things that I enjoy more than chores.  This is a very selfish way of looking at my home, but if I am honest I must confess that I think this way often.  So washing the dishes is just one simple way that I can actively fight against my selfish nature and be a servant to my loving family.

While my confession of selfishness is telling of who I am, I do not believe that I am alone in it.  I believe that everyone is selfish as I am, regardless of how it appears to the public.  So my honest advice is to wash the dishes as often as possible in your home.  By doing so you will serve someone else (if you live with roommates), and you will empty yourself of selfishness for just a moment.


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